Google Go Websocket server and Smoothie Charts client

Recently I enjoyed getting my hands dirty with Google Go a fairly new GPL targeted at systems programming. To get to know the language a little better I came up with the idea to program a websocket server that sends out some data to a browser that visualizes those in a chart. I got the inspiration for this from Joe Walnes blog entry about Smoothie Charts. Smoothie Charts is a little JavaScript library to visualize real-time data in a HTML5 canvas.

The websocket server implementation is pretty simple as Go already has some build-in websocket support. The server sends out the sine function with a value range from -1 to +1 to the client. The result can be seen in the following pictures and all source code be downloaded from github:

New value every 500ms. Alternation +0.05
New value every 5ms. Alternation +0.01

The second pictures sine curve looks a bit creepy because my computers CPU utilization was at a maximum and somehow my computer was not able to take a better screenshot. The chart was smoother on my monitor.

This setup/technology could maybe be used to visualize real-time stock exchange trends or the current bandwidth utilization in a data center etc. within a browser. Very nice.

Thanks to Gary Burd for his websocket example. It helped me to get my job done.

One thought on “Google Go Websocket server and Smoothie Charts client

  1. I was looking how to do a very similar with Go, and you just
    inspired me! I need to smoothly graph some real-time bandwidth stats, and I am interested in using Go.

    All the best,


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