JAOO 2010

My visit at the JAOO 2010 conference

This years JAOO conference was quite nice again. I was not able to attend all the sessions I wanted to, but just being there and meeting new people is worth it already. For example Mr. Gosling. ;-) Or of cause Rohde who was so kind to give us a place to stay during the conference. Thanks mate.

What I really have to look into is how concurrent programming will be done in the future on the Java platform. Brian Goetz did a really interesting talk about this topic.

Besides that I couldn't get more inspiration from this years conference. But that is OK. Denmark is a great country and it is always a good thing to stop by. After the conference I had some time to travel up to Aalborg and Skagen and then drive back to Germany along the Danish coast side visiting Klitmøller etc.

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Date modified: 2010-10-31
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